Windows vps hosting for online business

Windows vps hosting for online business

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We’re here to offer you the comprehensive range of sophisticated, flexible, yet reasonably priced Windows VPS plans operating on the most cutting-edge hypervisor-based technology Microsoft Hyper-V that provides advanced hardware virtualization and allows absolute isolation for each and every account on the same physical server.

Starting from just as low as $9.99 per month, our multifunctional Windows VPS plans come with numerous advanced hosting options and features you can use to improve the functionality and performance of your website, including dedicated RAM and vCPU, WebsitePanel control panel, premium 1Gbps connectivity, unlimited websites/databases allowance, bandwidth monitoring graphs, root level access to name a few. Besides, all of our hosting solutions come perfectly compatible not only with ASP and ASP.NET technologies, but also with a variety of other popular programming languages.


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